Cursillo is a renewal and healing programme for the church which was started by the Roman Catholic Church. It has so far spread to the Episcopal Church as well and presently in our Dioceses.


Its main purpose is to convert Christians to a deeper relationship with God in order to understand their individual calling to be Christian leaders.

Cursillo in the Diocese of Bondo was approved by the Synod.

Institutional Capacity Building

  • We have been meeting every month to train Christian to prepare them to carry out the work of evangelism in their movements.

Evangelism and Christian growth

  • Our objectives include increasing the number of people brought to Christ by the end of 2017.

  • We also desire to see an increase in participation and involvement of Christians church development.

Enhancing access to essential elements of dignified livelihood tasks

We engage families and fellow Christians in improved food production, better and healthy environment and improved water systems. This will help in reduction of common diseases and growth in food production.


  • We use external expertise to conduct the capacity study

  • We also use existing relevant materials.

  • Monitoring planting seasons

  • Use of modern methods of farming

  • Systematic exchange programmes among the Dioceses.

  • Organization of conferences and workshops